i'm morrowave. welcome to my online realm

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this is operating off old html knowledge, so my coding is atrocious and this is constantly under construction. just thought this would be a fun thing to do

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currently listening to: sewerslvt - inpeace


guess who's starting hrt soon! this bitch. about time. took me years to finally bite the bullet. wish i had made this leap when i was like 18 or something. but better now than never. i have an appointment soon, can't fucking wait. anyways, having some killer insomnia tonight. really just need for force myself to get some sleep o__O but i will definitely be keeping progress of my transition on here


i love this picture my gf took of me. my hair sure is growing out. nothing much interesting happening lately. just been doing a lot of introspection and catching up on some anime i've been meaning to watch. this hot humid summer weather has me feeling extra lazy. and i'm lazy enough


morrowind always makes me feel better inside. it is The comfort game


i'm really attracted to the idea of incorporating technology into my spiritual practices. i’m definitely not one of those anprim pagans who want to larp in the woods. of course i value nature over all, but i can’t deny the appeal of fusing both the technological and the spiritual

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opening up certain parts of myself around people can be pretty hard. even people i'm close to. i tend to create an image i want them to have of myself and try not to do anything to deter from that image. knowing myself and my true identity is hard at times. anyways, just something that was on my mind. been in a rut lately, but i figure it will pass like everything else. work certainly doesn't help. ever since dine in reopened here i just realized i'm not cut out for serving. sure, i'm good with people. i can entertain them and make them feel at home, and rack up some good ass tip money. but it's exhausting. really fuels my anxiety

feel like i'm having some sort of existential crisis every day now lol. not sure how to deal with any of the things that go on inside my head. maybe i need to write on here more. just record my thoughts. i keep telling myself i will actually use this blog. but i always just let everything marinate in my mind lol


went to the local video store today and rented videodrome. loved cronenberg when i watched the fly years ago so i was excited for this one and it did not disappoint. i'm an absolute sucker for weird films like this one. and the walther ppk hand? so badass.